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Eco-friendly solution for your hair care routine . Our collection of natural, plant-based, plastic-free hair care bars. Embrace the power of nature with our meticulously crafted bars, designed to cleanse, nourish, and revitalise your hair without harming the environment.

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Our innovative range is carefully formulated using only the finest botanical ingredients, free from harsh chemicals and packaged entirely plastic-free, making it the perfect choice for conscious consumers.

Each bar is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and your well-being, promoting healthy hair while reducing your carbon footprint.

Elevate your hair care experience and join us in the journey towards a greener, more sustainable future. Shop now and transform your hair care routine with nature's goodness, guilt-free!"

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What is shampoo soap bar?

A shampoo bar can be used on all hair types and are perfect for travelling.

Shampoo bars have been around for centuries and are a great alternative to traditional liquid shampoo making them some of the best natural shampoo options..

They are simply a bar of soap that is designed to cleanse your hair.

Shampoo bars can be made from many different types of soap, but the most common type is made from castile soap. Castile soap is a vegetable-based soap that is made from olive oil. It is a gentle and natural way to clean your hair, and it will not strip your hair of its natural oils like traditional shampoo can.

How are shampoo bars made?

Shampoo soap bars are a great alternative to liquid shampoo.

Friendly Soap’s shampoo bars are made using natural ingredients and are handmade, which means they are cruelty-free.

Our shampoo bars are made using the cold press method. This means that the castor oils and shea butters used in the recipe are not melted but are mixed together and then poured into a mold.

Castor oil has been used for thousands of years on hair, while shea butter has a tendency to leave a residue in the hair which helps to reduce frizz. These ingredients help to moisturise the hair and scalp while cleansing them at the same time.

The mixture is allowed to cool and harden, which takes several hours. Once it is set, the bar can be cut into individual servings.

Many people prefer shampoo soap bars because they are free of harsh chemicals.

How to use a shampoo bar

Shampoo bars can take a little getting used to, but once you find the right one for you, they are a great way to go.

Here are a few tips about how to transition to shampoo bar:

1. Wet your hair and rub the bar between your hands to create suds.

2. Massage the suds into your scalp and hair

3. Thoroughly rinse the suds from your hair and condition as usual

Do you use a conditioner after a shampoo bar?

There is some debate over whether or not you should use a conditioner bar after a shampoo soap bar.

There is some debate over whether or not you should use a natural conditioner bar after a shampoo soap bar.

Some people say that the conditioner bar will help to seal in the moisture from the shampoo soap bar, while others say that it is not necessary and that it could actually make your hair feel greasy.

If you are new to using shampoo bars, it may be a good idea to try using them both with and without a conditioner to see which gives you the best results.

How do you store (and dry) a shampoo bar?

When you are not using your shampoo bar, it’s best to store it in a cool, dry place. This is important to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

If you have a soap box, this is the perfect place for it. This will keep the shampoo bar from coming into contact with water, which can cause it to dissolve.

An alternative is a soap rack, which will allow the air to circulate around the bar, which will help it to dry quickly.

We have a range of soap accessories to help you store and dry your shampoo bar between uses.

What are the benefits of using a shampoo bar?

Shampoo bars are becoming a more popular choice for shampoo, especially among people who are looking for a more sustainable option.

They have a lot of benefits that make them a great choice for your hair.

These benefits include:
• Biodegradable
• Easy to travel with
• Long lasting
• Help to reduce frizz and tame flyaways
• Plastic free
• Vegan friendly
• Made from natural ingredients
• Our Fragrance free range is great for sensitive skin

Can shampoo bars be used on coloured hair?

A shampoo bar is suitable for coloured hair because they don’t contain any harsh chemicals.

This means that your hair won’t be stripped of its natural oils, which can lead to dryness and frizziness.

In fact, using a shampoo bar may actually help to protect your colour and keep it looking vibrant.

Can shampoo bars be used on curly hair?

Curly hair often needs more moisture than other hair types, so it is important to use a shampoo bar that is specifically designed for curly hair.

Look for a shampoo bar that contains ingredients such as castor oil, or argan oil to help condition and moisturise your curls.

Because shampoo bars don't have the same chemicals as traditional shampoos, they can be a great option for curly hair. They are less likely to strip away natural oils and can help keep curls hydrated.

Are shampoo bars good for psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin condition that can cause red, scaly patches on the skin. Some people find that using a psoriasis shampoo specifically designed for psoriasis can help to improve their symptoms.

Using a shampoo bar for psoriasis is a popular choice for those with the condition, especially as our shampoo bars are made from natural ingredients, they are free from harsh chemicals and detergents which can aggravate the skin.

What shampoo can I use for eczema?

Shampooing is an important part of any eczema treatment routine, but it can be difficult to find a shampoo that doesn’t aggravate your skin.

If you have eczema, you may want to try using a shampoo bar instead of liquid shampoo. Shampoo bars are made with natural ingredients and are free from sulphates, parabens, and other harsh chemicals.

They are ideal for people with eczema because they are free of ingredients that can irritate the skin and trigger potential eczema flare-ups.

Are shampoo bars good for hair? 

When it comes to hair care, it can be daunting to make a big change in your routine. You might be wondering, are shampoo bars good for hair? And the answer is yes! Shampoo bars are made from natural ingredients, and whilst there will be a transitional period (just one of the pros and cons of shampoo bars) your hair will see the benefit.

Is it better to use a shampoo bar?

Many conventional liquid shampoos contain preservatives and chemical that can remove the scalp’s natural oils, leaving it dry. In contrast, a shampoo bar contains a higher promotion of nourishing natural ingredients, such as essential oils, vitamins and minerals, which are beneficial for hair health.

Do shampoo bars strip hair?

No, shampoo bars do not strip your hair. In fact, our shampoo bars are made with natural ingredients to help maintain the health of your hair. It’s always best to check the ingredients list of a shampoo bar to see if it’s suitable for your hair type.

What is the difference between shampoo bars and normal shampoo?

When you switch to a shampoo bar, the most noticeable change you’ll experience is the texture.

Instead of a liquid shampoo that comes in a plastic bottle, you’ll use a solid form that resembles soap. Shampoo bars made from organic ingredients provide nourishment for your hair.

These shampoo bars contain fewer fillers and tent to have a longer lifespan than their bottled counterparts.