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Upgrade your skincare routine with our natural soap bars

Ditch the harsh chemicals and embrace the gentle touch of nature with our handcrafted natural soap bars. Made in the UK with the finest plant-based ingredients, these luxurious bars will leave your skin feeling fresh, cleansed and nourished.

More than just clean, it's a natural transformation.

Made with natural ingredients:  Each natural soap bar is made with natures finest ingredients and essential oils to create a luxury cleansing experience for your skin

Gentle on skin: Free from SLS, Parabens and other harsh chemicals, our natural soap bars are perfect for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Embrace a clean conscience: Natural and eco-friendly, our handmade soap bars are kind to your skin and the planet. They are also plastic-free and come packaged in recyclable card, minimising waste and leaving a lighter footprint.

Discover the perfect bar for you:

We offer a wide range of natural soap bars, each with specific benefits for your skin. Whether you're looking for deep hydration, invigorating scents, or gentle cleansing, we have the perfect bar to transform your daily routine.

Don't wait to experience the difference natural skincare can make. Try our eco soap bars today!

All of our natural soap bars are now available in 12-packs. Bulk-buy and SAVE!!


What are the benefits of using natural soap bars?

There are many benefits of natural soap bars rather than using traditional bar, foam or liquid soaps. Firstly, the use of all-natural ingredients means that many of our products are ideal for those with sensitive skin, especially those who might experience irritation from the chemical formulas of other soaps. Our natural and organic soap bars also include essential oils and gentle moisturising agents which can help to keep your skin healthy and soft – one of the main benefits of shea butter soap is its rich and nourishing properties. 

Additionally, they are much more environmentally-friendly. Our soaps are handmade with love in small batches, allowing us to use the highest-quality all-natural and biodegradable ingredients, as well as being plastic-free and packaged in cardboard.

What is the best soap for eczema?

If you suffer from eczema, it’s important to choose an all-natural, gentle and hypoallergenic soap, as eczema symptoms can be aggravated by skincare products containing harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances. We strive to create products that feel great on even the most sensitive skin, even for those who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema. All of our natural soap bars are entirely free of harmful chemicals, parabens and artificial fragrances, containing only gentle moisturising agents, essential oils and other nourishing natural ingredients.

What is the best soap for sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to avoid using soaps containing any artificial fragrances, harsh chemicals, parabens, or preservatives, as these ingredients can cause dryness, inflammation, redness or itchiness on sensitive skin. While many traditional bar, liquid and foam soaps contain these problematic ingredients, our products are created using all-natural formulas with essential oils and gentle moisturising agents, making them ideal for sensitive skin. Aim for more natural or organic soap bars to avoid any irritation. 

What soap is good for dermatitis?

According to the National Eczema Association, it’s estimated that 1 in 10 individuals will suffer from dermatitis at least once in their lifetime, yet many soaps still contain ingredients which can aggravate the symptoms of dermatitis, such as red, itchy and inflamed skin. If you are suffering from dermatitis and want to both reduce irritation and help to prevent future flare-ups, you should consider making the switch to an all-natural soap bar containing which is free of parabens, preservatives and other harsh ingredients. Even better, select a natural soap containing soothing ingredients, like our Lavender Bar or Aloe Vera bar – one of the main benefits of aloe vera soap is its ability to soothe sensitive or irritated skin.

Can you use a natural soap bar on your face?

While there are no harmful ingredients in our natural soap bars, they aren’t designed for use on your face. Using body wash soap bars on your face isn’t dangerous but the skin on your face is more sensitive, meaning that using regular soap on your face may lead to dry skin or acne flare-ups. If you are looking for a soap for your face, browse our facial cleansing bar range.

Can you use natural soap bars as shampoo?

Our natural soap bars includes a line of dedicated natural shampoo bars. If you’re looking to swap out your traditional liquid shampoo for a more gentle, natural alternative, our natural shampoo bars are a great choice. Those specifically seeking out organic soap bars should be sure to try out the argan oil products within our range, such as the Fragrance Free Shampoo Bar – the argan oil we use is certified organic. 

How to store natural soap bars

Using a soap saver is the best and easiest way to store your soap bar between uses, simply enabling you to hang your soap up to dry out thoroughly, as well as collecting any scraps.

Our range features all-natural, handmade soap.