Best Natural Shampoo UK

Best Natural Shampoo UK

Shampoo is one of those products that we use every day but don't really think about. We just grab whatever is on sale or whatever our friends or family use. But the world of shampoo can be a particularly difficult one to navigate if you don't know what you're looking for. There are so many different types, formulas, and brands, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which one is right for you. 

When you introduce the term ’natural’, it can leave you scratching your head in the shampoo aisle wondering what a natural shampoo is. Here are our favourite natural shampoos that will leave your hair looking and feeling its best.

What is a natural shampoo? 

The general definition of a natural shampoo is one that doesn’t contain parabens, silicones and sulphates. One of the biggest ingredients usually omitted is sodium lauryl sulphate (or SLS) - this is the ingredient usually added to shampoos to help lather up into soapy suds - which can strip hair of its natural oils and nutrients. 

A natural shampoo is made with only natural ingredients, such as plants and minerals. They are usually gentle on the scalp and hair, and they are also biodegradable.

Why use natural shampoo? 

There are plenty of reasons why many of us turn to natural shampoos instead of conventional shampoo. Natural shampoo is made with fewer chemicals, which can be better for your hair and scalp. Additionally, natural shampoo often contains ingredients that are beneficial for your hair, such as coconut oils, tea tree and more, offering a more natural and nourishing method for cleansing hair. And, it won’t hurt the environment when it’s washed down the plughole. 

Should I be using a sulphate-free shampoo? 

The answer to this question depends on your hair type, but for the most part, these chemicals can be bad news. Sulphates are known for their ability to create a foamy lather, which can help to remove dirt and oil from the hair. However, sulphates can also strip away natural oils from the hair, which can leave it feeling dry and damaged. For this reason, many people are now choosing to use sulphate-free shampoo.

People with sensitive scalps or chemically-treated hair should opt for sulphate-free products, as well as those who wash their hair frequently.

Fragrance Free Natural Shampoo Bar

Looking for a gentle, fragrance-free shampoo that will leave your hair feeling soft and healthy? Look no further than our fragrance-free natural shampoo bar! Made with organic argan oil that promotes naturally strong and healthy hair, this shampoo bar is perfect for those with sensitive skin or who are looking for an all-natural option. So, embrace your natural scent with a fragrance-free shampoo bar experience! 

Peppermint & Eucalyptus Shampoo Bar 

If you're looking for a refreshing and invigorating shampoo bar, look no further than our peppermint and eucalyptus shampoo bar, which will help to invigorate the scalp and leave your hair smelling fresh and minty. This bar is full of natural moisturising agents and essential oils for fragrance and added health benefits.

Peppermint and eucalyptus are two of the most popular essential oils used in shampoo bars because they have so many benefits for the hair and scalp. Peppermint oil is known for its refreshing, cooling properties, which can help to soothe an itchy scalp. Eucalyptus oil is also invigorating and can help to increase circulation to the scalp, which can promote healthy hair growth.

Lavender & Tea Tree Shampoo Bar

Our Lavender & Tea Tree Shampoo Bar is a natural, healthy way to promote shine in your hair. The ingredients in this shampoo bar include lavender oil, which has been shown to be effective in promoting hair growth, and tea tree oil, which has antiseptic properties that help to keep your scalp clean and healthy. This shampoo bar also contains aloe vera, which helps to soothe and condition the scalp.

The end result is a natural and gentle shampoo bar that is packed with nutrients and moisture. Lavender & Tea Tree Shampoo bars are ideal for all hair types, including those with sensitive scalps.

Lavender & Geranium Shampoo Bar

For a light, floral scent, this Lavender & Geranium natural shampoo bar offers the same stress-reducing properties in a similarly moisturising package. Made with natural ingredients, this shampoo bar is gentle on your hair and scalp, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Geraniums have long been used in skincare for their ability to soothe and balance the skin. When combined with lavender, they make an excellent shampoo bar that can help to cleanse and nourish the scalp.

This natural, plant-based shampoo bar is made by hand and is cruelty free. It's also packed with nourishing ingredients like olive oil and coconut oil that will leave your hair looking and feeling its best.


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