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Facial cleansing bars are a great way to keep your skin clean and healthy. They're handmade with cocoa or shea butter. Choose from our range of bars and enjoy the refreshing and invigorating sensation they provide.

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What is a facial cleansing bar?

A cleansing bar is a soap that is made to cleanse the skin. It is usually made with natural ingredients, which means they are free from harmful chemicals, sulfates, and other harsh irritants.

Facial cleansing bars are perfect for people with sensitive skin, and they can be used as a face wash bar or a body bar.

Most bars are also vegan and gluten-free, making them a good choice for people with sensitive skin or those who are choosing a plant-based lifestyle.

How to use a facial cleansing bar

A facial cleansing bar is a great way to clean your face without using harsh chemicals.

It can be used as a daily cleanser or as a deep-cleansing treatment. Here's how to use a facial cleansing bar:

1. Wet your face and the cleansing bar.

2. Rub the bar in your hands to create a lather.

3. Massage the lather into your face, using circular motions.

4. Rinse your face with warm water and pat dry.

Will cleansing bars dry out my skin?

Friendly facial cleansing bars can be a great way to remove dirt and oil from your skin without using harsh chemicals. However, not all cleansing bars are created equal. Some bars contain ingredients that can be drying to the skin.

If you have dry skin, it is important to choose a facial cleansing bar that is gentle and does not contain harsh ingredients.

Look for a facial cleansing bar that contains natural ingredients like shea butter or coconut oil. These ingredients will help to keep your skin hydrated while you cleanse it.