Why You Should Use Natural Cleaning Products

Why You Should Use Natural Cleaning Products

In a modern era defined by the climate crisis, it has become more important than ever to be conscious of the products and foods we consume. People from all walks of life, and across the world, are making more eco-conscious choices – and cleaning products should be no exception. Choosing eco cleaning products, which have recyclable, minimal packaging and less chemicals should be a priority for every household. Here are eight reasons why: 

No toxic chemicals in your home 

Traditional cleaning chemicals are filled with toxic chemicals, which will be released into your home. This can put your health in danger, and damage the surfaces in and around your home. Choosing natural cleaning products eliminates the chance for these toxic chemicals to be released into your house. 


Using homemade cleaning solutions, like vinegar or lemon, can help to drastically cut costs. Additionally, if you opt for a multi-function product such as our dish washing bar soap, you will get a product that serves multiple purposes. Our kitchen bar can be used to wash dishes, clean surfaces and even spot-treat stubborn laundry stains. As a soap bar, the detergent is considerably more concentrated too, so will last a lot longer than a liquid counterpart. 

Easy on sensitive skin 

Traditional cleaning agents can contain chemicals that can be corrosive and irritating to skin. Some of the ingredients found in everyday cleaning products can cause serious irritation to the lungs, too, when particles are breathed in. Opting for more natural cleaning products will save you – and anyone else in your home – from harm. 

Recyclable packaging and biodegradable materials 

Natural cleaning products are often packaged in fully recyclable materials. Our laundry detergent comes in recyclable packaging, and is also biodegradable. This ensures minimal damage to the environment. 

H2: Don’t cause harm to the earth 

When you choose regular cleaning products, harmful chemicals are released into the air and our waterways when they are drained away. Using natural cleaning products reduces our contribution to the depletion of the Ozone layer, and the disruption of ocean eco-systems. 

Not tested on animals

Generally speaking, eco friendly cleaning products – and eco products on the whole – are usually created with the philosophy to not harm the earth and its inhabitants. You are far more likely to purchase a product that has been tested on animals when using traditional cleaning agents. 

Give back to your community

Because of each reason we’ve already mentioned – protecting the environment, reducing waste – you are directly contributing to the wellbeing of the community and wider world around you when you choose natural cleaning products. 

Promote a better way of living 

When you choose a more eco friendly lifestyle, you are also promoting a better way of living that others around you can follow. You can provide advice, recommend easy swaps, and encourage them to join you in your fight to protect the environment you live in. The more people that join your eco-living lifestyle, the better for the environment and everyone that lives there.

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