Benefits of Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Benefits of Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

When cleaning your home, it’s crucial that you choose the right products for the job – and this means more than just choosing products that work effectively. 

Fortunately, it’s never been easier to make your home more environmentally friendly. Switching to sustainable cleaning products is an incredibly easy and effective way to do this, especially with so many fantastic sustainable cleaning products on the market. 

Below are some of the benefits of eco friendly cleaning products, discussing do eco friendly cleaning products work, why use eco friendly products, and how effective are eco friendly cleaning products. 

What are eco friendly cleaning products? 

Eco friendly cleaning products are cleaning products that are formulated with eco friendly ingredients. Just like eco friendly cosmetics, eco friendly cleaning products have swapped out harsh unnatural chemicals for softer, more natural alternatives to make them kinder to us and the environment. 

Why use eco friendly cleaning products?  

Cleaning products are a staple in homes and businesses across the globe, which is why the environmental impact of many mainstream household cleaning products is so concerning. Many of the chemicals used within these products pose serious risks to the environment through spillages and water pollution. Shockingly, many chemicals commonly found in cleaning products are not thoroughly tested for environmental safety and most do not break down naturally, staying within the environment. 

That’s not to mention the many more problems associated with these products when the empty packaging is thrown away, one of the more important reasons why use natural cleaning products. Billions of tonnes of the plastic that ends up in landfill each year once held cleaning products, with most leading household cleaning products being packaged in single-use plastic of some kind. Plastic wrap, bottles and cartons are all common packaging for cleaning products and take millions of years to break down. 

There are so many benefits to eco-friendly cleaning products. We’re pleased to say that we’ve been working on a brand-new range of natural cleaning products in an effort to combat these issues. Friendly Soap is a plastic-free, sulfate-free and harmful chemical-free zone – and with the products below, your kitchen could be, too.

Do eco friendly cleaning products work? 

You might find yourself wondering: how effective are eco friendly cleaning products? Not only do eco friendly cleaning products work, but in many instances, they can even work better than traditional cleaning products. They are actually better to use on hard surfaces, as the compounds are less corrosive and will clean gently without being harsh and damaging. They are also considerably safer for human health. Non-biodegradable, chemical-based cleaners can be caustic and release irritating fumes and allergens, that eco cleaning products don’t. 

Benefits of eco friendly cleaning products 

  1. Safer for the environment: They are far safer for the environment as they don’t contain chemical cleaners.  

  2. Reduces plastic waste: No single use plastics are required to house these cleaners, meaning there are less single-use plastics that are detrimental to the planet. 

  3. Efficient cleaners: Many biodegradable cleaners are more effective on surfaces than chemical cleaners as the damage is far less. 

  4. Less harmful: They are far better to use on hard surfaces as they are less corrosive. 

  5. Conserves resources: Many eco friendly cleaning products are multi-use which saves you buying a large range of products to clean each area in your home. 

Best eco friendly cleaning products 

Kitchen bar 

The Friendly Soap Kitchen Bar features a delightfully fresh lemon and lime scent that will leave your kitchen smelling as sparkling clean as it looks, all without the use of artificial preservatives, sulfates and the potentially harmful chemicals often found in kitchen cleaners. 

This product is incredibly versatile and can be used on both dishes and surfaces - you can even use this kitchen bar as a pre-wash treatment for stubborn clothing stains. Whatever the job, it’ll provide a high-quality finish every time, especially when used with the Friendly Soap Kitchen Brush or Double-Sided Kitchen Sponge. 

Kitchen sponge 

The majority of kitchen sponges on the market today are created using synthetic, non-biodegradable materials, making them harmful to the environment – many even shed these synthetic fibres during use, leading to water pollution. 

Friendly Soap’s Double-Sided Kitchen Sponges are made entirely from sustainably sourced plant-based materials, with one side made from natural cellulose and a scouring pad made using tough coconut fibres. This sponge provides all-natural scrubbing power and can be used again and again, then composted or recycled once you’re ready to replace it. 

Kitchen brush 

The Friendly Soap Eco Dish Brush is a natural alternative to plastic washing-up brushes created using all-natural materials, offering an effective clean without the need for plastics and non-biodegradable materials. Its easy-to-grip bamboo handle makes for comfortable use and easy cleaning, while the plant fibre bristles are tough on stains but won’t scratch your plates and pans. 

You can use this brush again and again, with the peace of mind of knowing that it won’t take millions of years to break down once you replace it with another. 

Laundry powder 

Laundry powders and detergents are one of the worst offenders when it comes to the negative impact of cleaning products on the environment. Not only are they generally made using chemicals and fragrances that pose a risk to animals and lead to water pollution but they are generally packaged entirely in non-biodegradable materials. 

Friendly Soap’s Laundry Powder is eco non-bio, fragrance-free and is free of phosphates, sulfates and fluorescent whitening agents. 

This laundry powder is kind to skin and kind to the planet, packaged entirely in compostable, recyclable and bio-degradable packaging.

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