Rooting for Change with Treesponsibility

Rooting for Change with Treesponsibility

Friendly Soap are proudly partnered with Treesponsibility, a community group dedicated to replanting our lost local woodland and hedgerows.

To help reduce our carbon footprint the Friendly Soap team are given paid days to assist with planting and your support contributes to their essential work.

✅ Encourage, empower and enable people to take responsibility for the environment through tree planting, as one urgent response to climate change.

✅ Bring back Calderdale's lost woodlands and hedgerows and encourage biodiversity for the benefit of all.

✅ Spread the idea and practice of land-connectedness, co-operation and community as a possible future, and the most sensible way out of the present environmental crisis.

"Offering skill-sharing workshops, passing on practical advice on obtaining, evaluating and designing planting sites, maximising involvement, raising resources and communicating the science of climate change."


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