friendly soap with charity partners, forus tree

Rooting for Change with Forus Tree

Friendly Soap are proudly partnered with Forus Tree, a community group dedicated to replanting our lost local woodland and hedgerows.

To help reduce our carbon footprint the Friendly Soap team are given paid days to assist with planting and your support contributes to their essential work.

Some of the work Forus Tree do through out the year...

Himalayan Balsam Control
Himalayan Balsam is an invasive non-native plant species, causing problems for our native plant life to find enough space and light.

Tree Planting
Using sustainable, natural methods to plant trees and shrubs. Cultivated manually, to maximise the positive impacts.

Leaky Dams
Construction of timber leaky dams and willow revetments for natural flood management NFM during heavy rainfall.

Protecting tree planting sites from livestock and deer to allow for establishment, habitat creation and conservation.

Planting over 1km of new hedging every year to connect existing woodlands, create wildlife corridors and improve biodiversity.

Erosion Control
Work with local landowners to address erosion caused by heavy rainfall. Trees perform remarkably when established.

friendly soap with charity partners forus tree

Focus Tree's mission is to create a sustainable future by actively getting members in the community involved and skilled up to work in an ever-changing environment.

"We want to encourage and nurture healthy woodland management by supporting and training people with the vital skills they need to succeed."

All the founding members of Forus Tree worked for Treesponsibility; who have been planting trees and doing natural flood management in Calderdale for over 23 years. They also have close working relationships with local ecologists, arboriculturists and local authorities, supporting us with a vast network of knowledge and expertise.

"Offering skill-sharing workshops, passing on practical advice on obtaining, evaluating and designing planting sites, maximising involvement, raising resources and communicating the science of climate change."


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