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Long Lasting Soap

In 2023, most of us are making a more conscious effort to reduce our consumption of different products, including bathroom products such as soap. One of the best ways to reduce overconsumption is to use products which last longer. Here we will take a look at our long lasting soap bar picks and ways that you can prolong the shelf life of your soaps. 

Best long lasting soap bars

Friendly Soap are pleased to offer a range of natural, handmade soap bars which work fantastically and offer great value for money. Our long lasting soap bars can be used time and time again, as they need very little water to be worked into a rich lather – and even a small amount of soap lather goes a long way. With each use, your hands will be left clean, fresh and soft by our all-natural soap bars.

Below are just a few of our favourite long lasting soap bar products. 

Friendly Soap Aloe Vera Soap Bar

With its delicate and pure formulation, our Aloe Vera Soap Bar features only the gentlest ingredients and is free from any colorants. Its simplicity and sublime fragrance-free composition offer a soothing experience, while its nourishing aloe vera and natural moisturising oils make this long lasting soap bar a great choice for those with sensitive skin.

Friendly Soap Tea Tree & Turmeric Soap Bar

Formulated with nourishing natural ingredients, the Tea Tree and Turmeric Soap Bar is packed with natural benefits and can be easily worked into a rich, silky smooth lather. This long lasting soap bar feels like a treat with every use. 

Friendly Soap Travel Soap

If you're looking to make your trips more environmentally friendly, the Friendly Soap Travel Soap is the perfect solution. It's a versatile space-saving bar soap that lasts a long time and can be used as a luxurious soap, shampoo, or body wash, with cleansing and deodorising properties. Additionally, it is naturally antiseptic, anti-fungal and you can even use it to hand-wash clothes.

How to make soap bars last longer

You can extend the life of your soap bars by storing them the right way. We’re pleased to offer a range of products that can help you to turn any soap bar into a long life soap!

Our soap rack is designed to allow your soap bars to dry properly after each use, preventing excess from moisture from causing it to break down faster. This is a much more effective countertop container for soap bars than soap dishes, which prevent your soap bars drying properly. 

Our soap saver is an excellent addition to your shower routine. Made from sisal hemp, this pouch helps create a smooth lather while providing gentle exfoliation for your skin. It also ensures that you get the most out of your soap by keeping it intact and preventing smaller pieces from breaking off. After use, you can conveniently hang your soap saver by its drawstring, allowing it to dry and remain fresh for future use.

We also offer our own soap box, perfect for storing soap bars at home or while travelling. This handy container allows you to keep your soap fresh and dry between uses – a fantastic long lasting soap bar storage solution. 

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