emma & georgia at forus tree

Friendly and Forus Tree

EMMA’S EXPERIENCE (Taken from a Facebook post)

Yesterday me and my bestie got paid…that’s right PAID to go and help the lovely folk at Forus Tree. And what a glorious day we had. The sun was out, the wind was in my hair and I could feel my sinus infection slowly blowing away.

We worked with a bunch of beautiful human beings. They told us their knowledge of trees, their plans for the future and funny little stories which kept me entertained all day. It felt amazing working on the earth, getting covered in mud, finding little insects and being surrounded by folk who care about nature.

I got told a story of a man who works on the land. He did a sweat lodge where he started chanting with a rain instrument and calling upon the ancestors of the land to bless the land and help them with their quest…my kinda guy!

There were some cheeky little pigs who would escape now and then, only to return with their snouts between their tails…realising that it was much warmer where they lived.

from friendly soap to forus tree

We drank water out of some weird trough, as Georgia had explained that her pops told her if she spat in water and it broke apart, the water was drinkable. So we guzzled it down and we lived to tell the story. What a fantastic day.

tree nursery at forus tree

I work for Friendly Soap and they are honestly the best company ever. What other job pays their workers to go and plant trees for the day? I’m so proud to work for them. They care about the planet, animals and people, which is so hard to find in a company these days. If you don’t already follow them on IG and FB then give them a like, also have a look at their amazing vegan soaps…my fave is the Patchouli & Sandalwood.

georgia and emma at forus tree cooperative

Trees are incredibly important for our eco system. Our earth is our biggest blessing and yet we treat her with disdain. If we’re not careful we will lose this beautiful planet so why not try and make a difference? Give their pages a like and get involved.

Forus tree take volunteers so go and give them a hand, work the land and plant some trees – I assure you, its a fabulous day out!

Thanks Friendly Soap for paying me for the best day ever and thanks Forus Tree for having us and being so bloody great!

“We aspire to share skills and knowledge within our community, bringing people together to enjoy Yorkshire’s great countryside and maximising the positive impact of our collective contributions towards a more sustainable future” – Forus Tree

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