Do Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Work?

Do Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Work?

Given how prevalent the use of harsh chemicals is within household cleaning products, it’s understandable to assume that eco-friendly alternatives are weaker or not as effective. However, this certainly isn’t true. 

Thanks to innovations in technology and eco-friendly materials, natural cleaning products have never been more effective, with many environmentally friendly cleaning products on the market these days more than capable of standing up to their chemical competitors. 

So, are eco friendly cleaning products better? Read on to find out more about our favourite eco-friendly cleaning products and how they work. 

Eco-friendly cleaning products vs. regular cleaning products

Traditional cleaning products pose a range of risks to the environment due to their contents and packaging. Ingredients such as acids, abrasives, detergents, and solvents can cause problems for plants and animals, water pollution and even serious illness or injury if they are splashed or spilled on skin.

The majority of regular household cleaning products are also packaged in non-recyclable packaging, with billions of plastic tubs, bottles and wrappers that once contained cleaning products sent to landfill every year.

Meanwhile, eco-friendly cleaning products instead use ingredients such as bicarbonate of soda, soda crystals, salt, citric acid and white vinegar – all ingredients that have natural cleaning properties and won’t damage the environment. 

At Friendly Soap, we also ensure that the packaging of our products is 100% plastic free, biodegradable and recyclable. Take a look at some of our favourite eco friendly plastic free cleaning products from the Friendly Soap range below. 

Friendly Soap laundry powder

Friendly Soap’s Eco Non-Bio Washing Powder is fragrance-free, environmentally friendly, and still just as effective at removing tough stains in clothing and leaving them as fresh as the leading detergent brands. 

This powder is so gentle on the skin that you can even use it to hand-wash clothes, something which would generally lead to skin irritation if using a less natural formula. That’s because this powder is sodium and soap based, made without sulfates, phosphates, or harsh chemicals. 

Friendly Soap kitchen bar

Many regular kitchen surface sprays include ingredients that are not only harmful to the environment but are harsh on skin and toxic if inhaled or ingested – understandably, you might feel this is not ideal for the kitchen, even in trace amounts. 

Friendly Soap’s Kitchen Bar is designed using no harsh chemicals, containing only anionic surfactants, natural fragrance and natural limonene. The latter two are used to give the kitchen bar its delightful lemon and lime fragrance, which will leave your kitchen smelling clean and fresh. 

This bar works effectively to remove stains from dishes, surfaces and can even be used as a pre-wash treatment on tough clothing stains. 

Friendly Soap kitchen sponge

Regular kitchen sponges are generally created using synthetic materials that do not break down easily – a huge problem for the environment when you consider how many kitchen sponges the average household works through in a year.

The Friendly Soap Kitchen Sponge is double sided and is created using all-natural materials, with one side made from natural cellulose and the scouring side made using coconut fibres. This sponge provides high-quality cleaning power, is long-lasting and can even be composted once it’s ready to be replaced.

Friendly Soap kitchen brush

Friendly Soap’s Kitchen Brush – unlike regular kitchen brushes – is created using all-natural materials rather than plastics and other synthetic fibres. 

The handle is made from bamboo and is designed to be easy and comfortable to grip whilst washing the dishes, while the plant-fibre bristles are tough enough to remove tough food stains of all kinds from pots, pans and dishes.

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