Catching up with Tony Beddows

Catching up with Tony Beddows

The good people at Fair Tax posted this news item to their blog.

Friendly Soap, an enterprise using ancient methods to create no-waste, biodegradable and free-from soap products, first secured the Fair Tax Mark three years ago. We spoke to Tony Beddows, who leads Friendly Soap’s marketing, about their accreditation and what motivates them to get the Fair Tax Mark each year.

In what ways has the Fair Tax Mark affected customer perception of Friendly Soap?
At Friendly Soap we believe that a truly ethical business will have nothing to hide. From proudly displaying product ingredients, to publishing our financial data, full disclosure and transparency is something that we’ve always embraced.

How did you find the accreditation process?
The process was very simple. After filling in a contact form we got a call from a friendly Fair Tax Foundation representative to take us through the process of signing a letter of engagement. An assessment highlighted areas of improvement and then the Fair Tax Foundation helped us to create a bespoke public document. Our certification was then complete and now, we are allowed to proudly display the Fair Tax accredited logo in a range public communications.

What motivates you to get reaccredited each year?
Our long term involvement is key to our continued pursuit of being a forward thinking company. It goes hand-in-hand with the ethics of our natural, cruelty-free products, our business practices and our commitment to people making social and environmental change. We are a proud living wage employer that pays the correct amount of corporation tax in the right place and at the right time.

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