Best Soap For Psoriasis

Best Soap For Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes new skin cells to grow too fast, leaving behind a build-up of dry, itchy and sore patches. It can be a very painful condition if left untreated. 

Psoriasis is surprisingly common, too. It’s estimated that around 125 million people worldwide suffer from psoriasis, with this being a condition that can develop at any age. The exact cause of psoriasis is unknown but research suggests that the condition is caused by a problem within the immune system.

Fortunately, it’s possible to lessen the effects of psoriasis by carefully selecting the skincare products and lotions that you use. It’s especially important to choose the right soap like fragrance free soap bars. While some soaps may relieve itchiness and dryness, others may worsen the effects of psoriasis. 

Scalp psoriasis is another matter, so discover the best shampoo bar for psoriasis here.

Soap vs Lotion: Whats the difference? 

Certain lotions are often recommended as a treatment for psoriasis, as they can soothe the skin and lessen the painful symptoms of psoriasis. Lotion is safe to be left on skin – in fact, lotion must be left on skin to work. 

Of course, it’s important to ensure that the lotion you are using is suitable for use on psoriasis, as even moisture-rich lotions could exacerbate the effects of psoriasis if they contain certain ingredients. Lotions are often less potent than soaps. 

Soap, meanwhile, shouldn’t be left on skin. Even the least sensitive skin can be irritated if soap deposits are left to sit, with the effects of soap deposits on psoriasis skin being even more painful and potentially damaging. 

You should always choose your soap products carefully and ensure that you always rinse away soap thoroughly to prevent skin irritation. 

Moisturising soap 

Having dry skin doesn’t directly cause psoriasis but it will increase the discomfort associated with the condition. Dry, sensitive skin can commonly lead to the development of itchy, sore patches if it isn’t treated correctly. 

One way to soothe the effects of dry skin is to use a moisture-rich soap with helpful natural oils. Coconut oil, tea tree, castor oil, lavender oil and geranium oil are all amongst oils that can be used to ease the effects of psoriasis and dry skin, so it’s worth looking out for these when selecting a new soap to use. 

Tips to soothe psoriasis 

You may be able to ease the effects of psoriasis by making some simple tweaks to the way that you bathe or shower, as well as the products that you use whilst washing. 

First off, you should only ever bathe or shower for a maximum of 15 minutes, as long exposure to hot water can cause dry skin. You should also avoid any abrasive scrubs or exfoliants and wash your skin with your hands rather than a sponge or loofah, as these could all irriate psoriasis. 

After showering or bathing, you should pat your skin dry with a towel and apply a thick, fragrance-free moisturiser for sensitive skin immediately afterwards.

Ingredients to look out for

Ingredients to look out for when selecting psorarisis-friendly soaps and moisturisers include:

  • Aloe vera, which is an anti-inflammatory and helps reduce redness
  • Natural essential oils, including lavender oil, castor oil, tea tree oil and coconut oil
  • Tar soap, which helps to slow the growth of new skin cells and reduce inflammation

Aloe Vera Fragrance Free Soap Bar 

The Friendly Soap Aloe Vera Fragrance Free Soap Bar is created using only the gentlest ingredients, with no added colourants, fragrances or unnecessary extras. 

This focus on keeping things as simple and natural as possible makes the Aloe Vera soap bar perfect for even the most delicate skin, making it ideal for those looking to lessen the painful symptoms of psoriasis. 

Cocoa Butter Fragrance Free Soap Bar

Our Cocoa Butter Fragrance Free Soap Bar has no synthetic ingredients and is free of any added fragrances. This level of simplicity makes it ideal for those looking to minimise the use of added ingredients and prioritise natural, gentle ingredients. 

The bars are made with four natural ingredients – cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil and aqua. We don’t add anything unnecessarily, so you know exactly what goes into every bar.

Shea Butter Fragrance Free Soap Bar 

Packed full of rich fatty acids, this gentle cleaning bar is perfect for daily use on even the most sensitive skin. The only ingredients in our Shea Butter Fragrance Free Soap Bar are shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and aqua, all of which contribute to its deep moisturising qualities and make it suitable for sensitive skin.

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