Best Soap For Sensitive Skin  

Best Soap For Sensitive Skin  

Thanks to innovations in formulas and in the manufacturing process, bar soap no longer has to be drying or irritating for the skin. Instead, natural soap bars can be packed full of a wealth of rich ingredients designed to cleanse and moisturise your skin. 

However, whether you’re using bar soap for your hands or body, it’s always important to look closely at the ingredients and ensure that they are suitable for use with sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is delicate and requires extra hydration and care from skin care products, such as hypoallergenic soap. 

Here at Friendly Soap, we focus on using natural ingredients with minimal scents added to ensure our soaps are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

What is sensitive skin? 

Sensitive skin is skin which is prone to irritation and reacts easily to elements such as weather, allergies or certain ingredients in make-up and skincare products. When sensitive skin is irritated, it can often turn red, dry, feel sore, itchy, tight or can sting. You might also experience bumps, scales or hives. 

Sensitive skin is sometimes a side-effect of a skin condition, such as rosacea or eczema. Sensitive skin is delicate and requires extra hydration and care from skin care products, such as sensitive skin soap.

How do I know if I have sensitive skin? 

Sensitive skin can be indicated by signs such as flushing or blushing, as well as reactions such as skin bumps, erosion or pustules. These are all things that dermatologists look out for when identifying sensitive skin. 

If you’re not sure, however, speak to your GP or to a dermatologist.

Sensitive skin dos and don’ts 

  • Do read labels - Find products that say they are for sensitive skin and check the ingredients 
  • Do take shorter showers - This will help your skin to retain its natural oils and also saves water 
  • Do avoid fragrances – Any unnatural fragrance will agitate your skin 
  • Don’t scrub your skin - This could irritate your skin further 
  • Don’t handle harsh cleaners - When cleaning up, avoid ingredients like bleach, alcohol or ammonia as they will irritate your skin 

What should hypoallergenic soap contain? 

The main features to look out for in a soap for sensitive skin are the pH and artificial ingredients. The alkalinity of hypoallergenic soap plays a vital role in maintaining healthy skin, as the surface of the skin prefers to be acidic as this helps it to stay moisturised. Ensuring that the pH does not go above 10 is crucial to maintaining the health of the skin. 

Ingredients that will be irritating should also be avoided. Things like fragrances, parabens and harsh exfoliants will cause your skin damage, and if you are looking for the best soap bar for sensitive skin, it won’t include any of these.

    Ingredients to look for in soap for sensitive skin 

    Some ingredients can be very beneficial to those with sensitive skin.

    • Aloe vera – Aloe vera is favoured for its ability to soothe redness, infection, rashes and itchiness
    • Shea butter – Shea butter may reduce the effects of psoriasis and eczema, as well as absorbing quickly to provide fast relief
    • Olive oil – Olive oil is famous for its natural protective and hydrating properties

    Fragrance Free Aloe Vera Soap Bar 

    Our Fragrance Free Aloe Vera Soap Bar has been formulated using only the most natural ingredients and is completely fragrance free, so it won’t irritate your skin. This bar is created using 100% natural ingredients and takes its soothing properties from the inclusion of Aloe Vera. Perfect for even the most sensitive skin. It has a pH of 8-9, which ensures it won’t disturb your skin, making it our favourite soap for sensitive skin.

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