Best Fragrance Free Shampoo 

Best Fragrance Free Shampoo 

There is an increasing trend of people searching for fragrance free shampoos due to sensitivities to certain ingredients. For some, fragrance can be the root cause of scalp irritation and other problems. Although the concept of an unscented shampoo might feel foreign, it is worth trying out for those with sensitive skin (just like our sensitive skin soap).

If you're someone who is constantly struggling with an itchy scalp, dandruff, or dryness, it might be time to consider swapping out your regular shampoo for something gentler. 

What is a fragrance free shampoo? 

A fragrance free shampoo is made with natural ingredients and doesn't contain any artificial perfumes or chemicals. These shampoos are good for people who are sensitive to smells or have allergies. Fragrance free shampoos are also less likely to irritate your skin.

What are the benefits of fragrance free shampoos? 

When it comes to shampoo, sometimes less is more. Fragrance free shampoos are growing in popularity because they cause minimal damage, don’t contain any irritating chemicals, and can actually help to reduce dandruff and breakage. Artificial fragrances can often be harsh on the scalp and cause irritation. This can lead to dryness, flaking and even hair loss. Unscented shampoos are a great alternative for those with sensitive skin or scalps.

Not only do they cause less irritation, but they’re also ideal for thin or coloured hair. Coloured hair tends to be more fragile and susceptible to breakage, so using gentle, fragrance free shampoo bars can help reduce split ends and breakage.

Why do people use fragrance free? 

There are a number of reasons why people use fragrance free products. For some, it is because they have sensitive skin and fragrances can cause irritation. Others may have allergies to certain fragrance ingredients. Still others simply prefer not to wear any scent.

The way most fragrance ingredients impart scent is through a volatile reaction. This means that they evaporate quickly, leaving behind the desired scent. However, this also means that fragrance ingredients can be easily inhaled and absorbed into the body. Some research has suggested that this may be harmful to health, especially in large quantities or over long periods of time.

For these reasons and more, many people choose to use only fragrance free products. While there are still some risks associated with using these products (as with anything else), they are generally much lower than those associated with using products that contain fragrance ingredients.

Can fragrance make your hair fall out? 

In some dramatic cases, some perfumes that contain harsh alcohols, which can dry out your skin and hair, causing them to fall out. In addition to the alcohol content, many fragrances also include other irritating ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction or contact dermatitis, both of which can lead to hair loss. None of the Friendly Soap fragranced shampoo bars contain harsh alcohols, so there is no risk of hair loss when it comes to our products. However, if you are using a fragrance that does contain harsh alcohols, it could potentially strip away the natural oils in your hair, leading to dryness and breakage. If you're concerned about your hair health, it's best to stick to products that are free from harmful ingredients.

Fragrance Free Shampoo Bar

If you're looking for an unscented shampoo bar that won't irritate your senses, Friendly Soap has you covered. Our Fragrance Free Shampoo Bar is made with olive, coconut and castor oil for richness and natural moisture. This bar also contains argan oil, which is a natural conditioner that helps to keep your hair healthy and hydrated.

Our fragrance free shampoo bar is free of synthetic fragrances, so it won't dry out your hair or leave it feeling stripped. It's also hypoallergenic and vegan, making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

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