B Corp - What It Is And Why It Matters

B Corp - What It Is And Why It Matters

In today's world, consumers are increasingly mindful of the companies they choose to support. Unfortunately, we have seen increasing reports of businesses acting unethically leading to negative impacts on their customers, staff, and the environment.

That's where B Labs comes in! Back in 2006, B-Labs created their B Corp accreditation; a certification to help consumers easily identify companies that meet their high standards and transparently demonstrate their social, financial, and environmental activities.

This is why Friendly Soap is currently in the process of applying to become B Corp certified. Right from our humble beginnings, we had a clear vision to always be a business that makes a positive difference in the world. We have always placed our ethics over profit and this certification will highlight our commitment to acting ethically and help us to continually improve as we grow.

So What Is B Corp?

Simply put, B Corp is a certificate created by B-Lab, a non-profit organisation that assesses companies based on a strict set of criteria that covers everything from how it treats its staff and customers to its social and environmental responsibilities.

It's a clear way of providing transparency for businesses that are dedicated to reshaping the economic landscape into a fairer, greener and more ethical one.

What B Corp Means To Friendly Soap

At Friendly Soap, we believe that business should stand for something more than simply making a profit. That's why we are currently in the process of applying to become B Corp certified, to show that we're committed to balancing profit with purpose.

We understand that businesses play a key role in driving social and environmental change, and we want to be a part of that change. By becoming a B Corp, we're making sustainability a measure of our own success.

How Are B Corp Companies Approved?

B Corp accredited companies must go through a very detailed and thorough assessment form which must meet a minimum score and must be re-certified every three years to maintain their status. B Corp companies are legally required to consider the wider impact of how they operate as well as their plan to improve continually.

On top of this, they are also required to publish an annual Impact Report which states their social and environmental performance as well as their plans for improvement. This framework is put in place to ensure that even after businesses have been approved by B Corp that they are sticking to their promised practices and constantly plan new ways to improve.

How long does it take to become B Corp approved?

Due to the sheer volume of information that needs to be researched, input and proven, it is not a quick process. However, this rigid screening process is a testament to the companies who manage to get certified and their dedication acts as a mirror to their commitment to becoming a company that is driven towards positive change.

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We are currently in the middle of our application process and we are really looking forward to becoming accredited. Although we are already acting in accordance with the majority of the B Corp guidelines, we believe that this is a great opportunity to keep improving our practices and give confidence to all of our customers and partners that every business decision will be carried out through the B Corp high standards.

There are over 6000 companies that are accredited with B Corp in more than 80 countries and over 150 industries with these numbers constantly rising. We cannot wait to join them and proudly wear the accreditation as an ethical badge of honour.

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