Sustainable Alternatives To Plastic Kitchen Sponges

Sustainable Alternatives To Plastic Kitchen Sponges

When it comes to dishwashing utensils, they aren’t the most durable items in our kitchen. Plastic sponges in particular are designed to be disposable – not necessarily single-use, but not long-lasting either. Regularly replacing dish sponges is less than ideal, especially if you aim to live a zero-waste lifestyle. 

Plastic sponges don’t just cause harm when disposed. They aren’t recyclable, and throughout their lifetime can shed microplastics into the water we drain into the sea, which can drastically impact sea life and the very eco systems we rely upon to live. There are plenty of eco-friendlier swaps you can make your kitchen that bit greener. 

Use an eco-friendly cloth 

Fabric clothes are a great alternative for traditional plastic sponges. When it comes to cleaning up around the house, clothes made from scraps of old bedsheets or clothing that aren’t in the right condition to donate or recycle are a particularly green choice – and will save you a bit of cash, too. 

For cleaning dishes, find a cloth made from sustainable materials, such as recycled plastics or recycled cotton. These cloths can be washed and dried to be used as many times as you would like. 

Find eco-friendly scrubbers  

There are plenty of scrubbers on the market, made of plastic, sponges attached to plastic sticks, and so on – but, there are also plenty of eco-friendly scrubbers on the market, too, made from biodegradable, sustainable materials. After all, things weren’t always made of plastic, and the dish scrubbing brushes used for decades prior to those recent were made from materials like wood. 

Dish brushes are particularly great for tackling stubborn stains, making it a great addition to any home cleaner’s arsenal. They can be cleaned to elongate their life, and can make cleaning plates and bowls particularly easy. Our eco kitchen brush is made from bamboo and plant fibres, and when the brush has served you, you can simply add it to your compost heap where it will break down, instead of going to landfill. 

Discover eco-friendly sponges 

Compostable kitchen sponges are now more readily available, and are a fantastic direct swap for their plastic alternatives. Instead of being made from non-recyclable, polluting plastic, natural kitchen sponges are usually made from plant based materials, such as cellulose or coconut fibres – just like our kitchen sponge. 

Just like conventional sponges, our sponge is double sided, featuring a soft side, made from cellulose fibres, which can be used to clean non-stick pans or other gentle surfaces. On the other side is an abrasive material made from coconut fibres, ensuring you can still tackle stubborn stains, just as you would with a plastic sponge. 

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